Everyone I know who has ever purchased anything from Yaniv (or has ever even met him) all agrees that he goes WAY above and beyond the necessary call of duty in any situation. Obviously, this reflects in his business as well. Crazy Inkjets isn’t just a place to go to buy ink for your printer. It’s a place to go to learn about your printer, learn about your ink and the best way to use it, and it’s also a real person who always does his best to make your printing needs less expensive and easier. I thought Costco was the least expensive place for ink, until I found Crazy Inkjets. I literally returned my Costco ink and re-bought it at Crazy Inkjets for half the price.


They sell low price ink tanks that have worked with my Canon printer in the past. Opposed to being charged $25 a tank, it’s $10 per tank. I save major money coming here. There’s parking in the parking lot for the liquor store. Even though it says no parking, I’m in and out in 5 minutes and my car is not towed lol. I highly recommend this store for your ink and printer needs. 

I came in with a broken printer too. The ink tank was blocking the carriage from moving properly. Yaniv fixed it without a fee! Yay. He installed the ink I bought that day. I will return when I’m out of ink. Thanks Crazy Inkjets


Oh my!  We found this place by chance and found out they have AWESOME prices on ink!  Instead of spending $30- at Staples for a single black cartridge (my Epson drinks ink…) I found them at Crazy Inkjets for $9!  I think the prices vary per type of cartridge, so please call ahead and they’ll help you price yours.

When you stop by, bring your old cartridge to recycle and save a buck.  (Yes, then it’s $8!  WOOHOO!) 

The techs there are also very cool, I found out that my Epson drinks so much ink because it does 3 passes over each page to print…and that I should change my settings to conserve some.  Nice tip!

They also have other locations than this one, so check your area.  :)

Print on, my friend-but get your ink here!




About Yaniv Levi

CrazyInkjets.com is an environmentally active, community-based supplier of premium compatible inkjet cartridges, laser toners and fax ribbons. To ensure the highest quality standards, products both, new compatible and professionally remanufactured cartridges are ISO-9001 and/or STMC qualified. These products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality, reliability and yield standards of the original equipment manufacturer. The cartridges are tested to ensure compliance with original specifications and performance criteria and offer a sound and economical alternative to the expensive brand-name products. By buying our products you not only save a substantial amount of money on your printing supplies, but you also help reduce the number of new ink and toner cartridges produced. This, in turn reduces energy consumption and the amount of green house gases emitted into the environment. CrazyInkjets.com is committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied, providing customer service and support ensuring your shopping experience is quick and easy. With a 100% guarantee against any defects, you can buy with confidence.
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