Eco-Friendly Copiers

Eco-Friendly Copier Technologies Promote Sustainable Business Practices

Going green is hardly a new concept, especially in a business setting. It’s widely known that making strategic changes to benefit the environment can also keep costs low to help a business save money.

Crazy Inkjets supports this green business principle. Sustainable business practices can save energy to benefit the environment and lower a business’s operational costs at the same time.

Standout eco-friendly copier technologies

One smart way to cut unnecessary costs on a day-to-day basis is to rethink your choice of copier. As you compare copiers based on functionality, volume, and cost, you’re likely to stumble upon a new photocopier performance category: environmentally responsible technologies.

Photocopier manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to introduce eco-friendly copying and printing technologies:

  • EA Toner and Solid Ink: The Emulsion Aggregate proprietary technology “developed” by Xerox is designed to improve printing capacity while cutting down on unnecessary waste. EA Toner supports sharper image quality; Solid Ink reduces waste by up to 90% by printing with cartridge-free ink blocks instead of toner.
  • N-in-1 printing mode: Brother offers this simple conservation feature to print multiple pages on one single document. Offices can slash daily paper use by doubling up pages with little to no text.
  • Loops copier system: Toshiba recently introduced a breakthrough print-erase copy technology that allows workers to reuse printed documents. The Loops system integrates two separate machines with an erasable ink toner; the machine uses heat processing to “erase” printed paper, as well as a business’s carbon footprint.

Why buy an eco-friendly photocopier?

While some environmentally friendly copiers come with a hefty price tag – the Toshiba Loops copier system was estimated at more than $17,000 – the investment soon pays for itself. With the use of more advanced eco-friendly photocopier features, like Loops, carbon dioxide emissions can be cut by almost 60%.

Other energy-efficient photocopiers on the market cost significantly less: $599 for a 40 ppm small office color printer, up to $4999 for a 44 ppm multifunction printer to accommodate a large office.

Top benefits of purchasing an eco-friendly photocopier include:

  • Reduce air pollution.
  • Cut down on energy costs.
  • Decrease equipment failure rate.
  • Increase copier equipment lifespan.
  • Save money on office paper costs.

Almost all environmentally friendly photocopier technologies are intended to save business money, after the initial equipment investment.

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