How to Calculate Cast Per Page

How to Calculate Cast Per Page

1. Getting the figures you need: When it comes to color printers, remember that you’re calculating cost per page in Color and in Black and White. First, you need to find out which cartridges the printer uses, their prices, and their Page Yields. The Oki C5650dn Color Laser Printer uses 4 toner cartridges: Blk, Cyn, Mag,  and Ylw. In this case, each toner cartridge has a Page Yield of 5000 pages. The black cartridge costs $59.99 while each of the 3 color cartridges costs $98.99.

2. Calculating Cost Per Page:

Black and White Pages: To calculate cost per black and white page (i.e. text documents), you take the price of the black cartridge and divide it by the black cartridge’s page yield. A compatible Oki C5650dn Color Laser Printer High Yield Blk Toner Cartridge  costs $59.99 and has a page yield of 5000 pages. $59.99 divided by 5000 pages comes out to a cost per page of 1.2 cents.

  • Color Pages: To print a color page, the printer typically uses all its cartridges, including the black one. So we calculate cost per page for each of the color cartridges, add them all together, and then combine that number with the black and white cost per page to get the final cost per color page. Compatible High Yield Cyn, Mag, and Ylw Toner Cartridges for the Oki C5650dn Color Laser Printer cost $98.99 each and last for about 5000 pages each. Based on those figures, here’s the final cost per color page calculation:

(98.99/5000) + (98.99/5000) + (98.99/5000) + (59.99/5000) = 0.071392 = 7.1 cents per page

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