How to reset Brother MFC-9125CN Printer toner counter

Brother MFC-9125CN

Follow the instructions to reset Brother MFC-9125CN Printer toner counter;

  Open the front cover of your Brother MFC-9125 printer where you can access toner cartridges.

2.  Press the Clear/Back  buttons on the printer panel at the same time to see the toner menus on the screen.

K.TNR-STD will appear on the printer screen

3.  Press the “+” or “-” in order to navigate the toners you need to reset.

K.TNR-STD  (Black Toner) TN210
K.TNR-STR  (Black Toner) Starter

C.TNR-STD  (Cyan Toner) TN210
C.TNR-STR  (Cyan Toner) Starter

M.TNR-STD  (Magenta Toner) TN210
M.TNR-STR  (Magenta Toner) Starter

Y.TNR-STD  (Yellow Toner) TN210
Y.TNR-STR  (Yellow Toner) Starter

4.  Scroll through and repeat for each colour toner cartridges as necessary.

When you choose the proper toner, press OK
Now you have two options to choose:

1.Reset  or  2.Exit 
Press #1 to reset the counter
After each selection, “Accepted” will shows up.

♥ Now close the cover and the printer is ready to print

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