Brother MFC-9560 toner cartridge Low Toner or Replace Toner Override



1. Turn on the printer

2. Push thebutton on the front of the printer to open the cartridge door.

(Don’t remove the cartridges)

3. Push the Clear/Back button
to bring up a reset menu. There are 9 different toner functions

(for simplicity, three K’s, three C’s, three M’s, and three Y’s).

 4. For each of these nine functions in turn, push the O.K.
 and then push
it again to indicate ‘Reset’.

After a few seconds, it will say ‘Accepted’ and will then display a message that
the cover is open.

 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each of the 9 toner functions.

 6. When finished,
close the door and the status bar will be reset to normal with no
error message.

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