Recycling & Waste Reduction Initiatives

The success of recycling and waste reduction initiatives is one area where we can actually improve the well being of our environment. By working together we believe we can truly make a difference. With your help we can help solve many environmental issues. Industry Statistics indicate that over 80% of all inkjet and laser cartridges sold in the United States are thrown away and end up in landfills.

Here are some startling statistics:

• Every year over 300 million cartridges are thrown away. In terms of weight, it’s the
equivalent to 30,500 African elephants!
• Stacked end to end, cartridges thrown away in one year would cover a distance of over
24,000 miles-enough to circle the earth.
Approximately 90% of these printing cartridges are recyclable but only 20%  are being recycled. Excess ink and toner can filter into our water supply!
• Two and a half ounces of oil are used for every ink jet cartridge produced.
• Three and a half quarts of oil are used for every laser cartridge produced.
• In the next seven years, if all the laser and ink jet cartridges are saved from landfills, a
bridge can be built from the Earth to the Moon – 223,000 miles!
• Plastics used in inkjet cartridges can take over 10 centuries (1000 years) to decompose.
• An Inkjet cartridge takes at least 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill site.

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